What is Small Steps?

Small Steps is a youth peer ambassador group where we T.A.L.C. with the focus on suicide prevention. It is not uncommon for teens to think about suicide. Every year 1 in 5 teens seriously considers suicide and youth will most often seek help from their peers. It is imperative that youth are provided the tools to recognize other youth who may be at risk for suicide and the knowledge of how to respond if they are concerned. Studies have shown that youth peer training is an effective practice for education for youth. We also focus on building leadership skills. 

What will the ambassadors learn?

  • Increased knowledge of warning signs, risk and protective factors of suicide
  • Increased understanding of help-seeking behavior; how to ask for help
Over the course of the program, students will accomplish the following goals:
    • Identify and explore the values of leadership
    • Take ownership of their choices (actions, influence on others)
    • Practice leadership values and develop those skills
    • Evaluate themselves with their applied knowledge
    • Lead themselves and take turns leading each other

How much is it to join?

FREE (we fundraise to make things happen)

Who can join our community program?

9th thur 12th graders; up to age 20 

What happens once I join?

We do different things we do throughout the year for example...

  • Fundraisers
  • Givebacks
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Care Packages
  • Banquets

End of the year trip... This year we will be raising money for a trip to Disney this summer.

Sounds like something you're interested in? JOIN TODAY